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The Patina is not just a pair of shoes but a work of art that is perpetually striking in its appearance and sophisticated in its structure. 

For someone who loves shoes, what better than a pair that resembles no other on earth, a pair that’s unique? 

Like a painter before a canvas, the colourist (artist in colouring leather) plays with tints, employs essential oils, plays with sheerness, depth and juggles pigments to create various ‘one of a kind’ works of art.

First, the shoes are cleaned and the superficial layers of shoe polish removed. Next, the leather is stripped, meaning lightened with transparent polish, then patiently massaged for an entire day using essential oils rich with natural pigments and various kinds of waxes. Afterwards comes the lengthy labour of colouring using pigments and nourishing cream. The final step is the glazing, bringing out the depth and lustre of the craftsperson’s patina artistry.

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