Oscars 2024 - Gentlemen’s sartorial takeaways summarised

Oscars 2024 - Gentlemen’s sartorial takeaways summarised

Well, classic vintage was in; glamour tuxedos dominated the awards, red was definitelypresent; flared trousers made something of a comeback...

Throughout the awards season, but specifically on Oscars night, one stylish trinket was making an appearance. It’s one that can be applied to both men and women – but it has to be said that it got very popular with the boys this year, who weren’t shy when it came to getting in on the jewellery action and steering away from the conservative etiquette of red carpets.

Brooches, that is, were everywhere. They were pinned to the lapels of Cillian Murphy, Teo Yoo, Ke Huy Quan, Robert Downey Jr., Simu Liu, Tatanka Means, Mark Ruffalo and Jeffrey Wright. They were stylishly fastened to Colman Domingo’s bow tieAlmost every single actor was wearing some kind of jewellery, it’s almost gotten to the point where if you were not wearing a lapel pin, you forgot part of your look.

While not a new trend by any means, as the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Jared Leto, and Barry Keoghan have been showing off their pin-based game over the years, brooches deliver that certain je ne sais quoi that deserves to be the ongoing fashion statement of 2024-25.

A brooch-based personal touch can potentialize an otherwise traditional look. Here are a few of our favourite examples, which should hopefully inspire you to spruce up your outfits.

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(Photo : Getty Images, @tiffanyandco)