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Ready To Wear Vs Made To Measure Suits: What’s Best For You?

We get it… Suit shopping can be overwhelming, Especially if you don’t have much prior experience. It’s important to understand that generally people discover their preferences in fabric and fit via trial and error, which obviously results in wasted time and money. It’s our job to help guide you as much as possible to prevent these common errors from occurring, whilst also getting out of your comfort zone from what you’re usually used to. Here’s our advice on whether ‘Made To Measure’ or ‘Ready To Wear’ suiting is best for you.



This is the most important factor when it comes to menswear decorum. Understanding your body type will help influence your major decisions in choosing the design of your suit. If you have quite a standard build and a considerately proportionate body, Ready to wear suits are definitely the more appropriate option.


Understanding what fabrics are best suited for your day to day wear is very important. This factor will be determined on climate, movements and preference. It needs to be understood that suit shopping should be like an interview – the sales associate ought to be firing question after question in order to get a true understanding of your daily routine before making a suggestion of fabric.


This is where it can get tricky. Fit really is down to preference… to an extent. It’s essential to be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing – although you can’t expect to look like you’re wearing a an over sized robe. Appreciate what areas of your body you can complement accordingly, and if this can be achieved with ready to wear – Congratulations!


Obviously the convenience of finding a ready to wear suit is a huge plus! There is no 4-6 week wait as there is for made to measure suiting – So once the minor adjustments of your ready to wear suit is done, Enjoy!


Style and Design:

The Made To Measure process is simply a much more customised experience than Ready to Wear suiting. Choose from array of fabrics and designs, to get exactly what you want. There’s no need for compromise when it comes to Made to Measure when it comes down to designing things accordingly for your specific proportion.


A made to measure suit is based completely around your measurements; Regardless of your body shape and fit preferences. A made to measure suit should fit like nothing you’ve ever worn before, fitting closely to your body and extenuating your features.


Simply put; The Made to Measure route should be taken on if you feel like doing something quite unique in design or particular in fit. Ready to Wear is obviously the more convenient option – Especially if you’re a standard build, and commonly find yourself gravitating towards the more traditional designs/colours. The most important aspect of all of this is that you find a cloth, style and cut that you feel comfortable with and reflects your personality.

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli