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Your Guide To The Spring Racing Carnival 2018

Yes, It’s that time of the year again. Well and truly an iconic Australian event, It’s important to respect it’s tradition and adhere to its etiquette. The spring racing carnival is a time of year for men to express and present themselves as Gentlemen, but also not lose their individuality; And move away from the stock standard navy suit you would wear to work. While dressing boldly for the races is encouraged, there are specific rules you must follow. Each day has a unique official flower and dress code. Here’s our guide to every race day for this spring carnival.

DERBY DAY – Flower: Cornflower.

Derby day is without a doubt the most conservative of race days. The day favours classic style with a minimalistic black and white dress code. It’s important to add a bit of character to your outfit for derby day, Whilst sticking to very traditional designs… Today is about doing the simple things right. Opt for designs such as pinstripe/chalk stripe, Or even double breasted suits. Incorporate the colour of the official flower (cornflower) with your tie and even pocket square, Even if its just subtle touches. And please… Don’t neglect your shoes! ideally sticking to a classic pair of black brogues or double monk straps will complete your desired look.

MELBOURNE CUP DAY – Flower: Yellow Rose.

Here it is… Australia’s most colourful day of the year! Today is the day you move away from your more conservative colours and add some character to your outfit. Now remember, Just because it’s Melbourne cup day doesn’t mean you licence to look like a clown. Stick to earthier tones for your suiting and add a splash of colour through your accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new and choose your showcase carefully. What do I mean by showcase? The one garment in your outfit everything revolves around. For example, If you plan on wearing an extravagant/bold suit, Ensure your shirt and tie don’t take the attention away. Simply compliment your showcase garment… Don’t over do it. (see below for example). As for shoes, try and stay away from very strong colours (eg. Black)… Get in to the spring/summer mood and lighten up!

OAKS DAY – Flower: Pink Rose.

Gentlemen, Today is all about the ladies… and embracing your softer side. Try working with softer shades of colour for your suiting, and darker ties to add a touch of masculinity to a playful outfit. Fun floral designs and playful prints are more than welcome. Opt for loafers when thinking footwear for oaks day, and don’t be afraid to steer away from the usual colours such as brown.

STAKES DAY – Flower: Red Rose.

Today is about looking effortlessly smart, and a lot of fun! Bold suiting and even colourful sports coats are perfect for the final day of this racing season. Don’t hesitate to mix and match your trousers and blazers today, And embrace the more casual setting of Stakes day. Opt for more smart/casual footwear like suede loafers or brogue boots to complete your look.

Final Tips:

  • Always look to incorporate the colours of each flower for every race day, in to your outfit.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles/accessories to what your used to.
  • Wear a waistcoat with every outfit when possible (matching or contrasting).
  • Experiment with bow ties and silk scarfs on your bigger race days.
  • Always check the dress code before you attend!

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli